Just finished the third book in this series, riveting as ever and incredibly well written based upon historical and regional relevance to the period. Quentin Grady's ability to tell a story with compelling characters, themes, and unexpected outcomes is absolutely spectacular. Honestly can see this series becoming a series, like Game of Thrones, Cards, Outlander, etc. To not fall in love with the personages of Henri, Corrine, Phillipe ...and now Molly, Sentry and Connor is simply impossible. If you are looking for a compelling escape in a series of books, this is the set to purchase. I absolutely can not put the books down until I have finished them. Quentin, get going, I want to read book #4 in the series as soon as possible.

I have now read all three books and can't wait until the next one comes out. Hard to put the book down.

This, the third book in the Ghost Eagle series, is just as good as the first two. The narrative puts you in the scene; raising your heart rate during the tense moments and allowing it to return to normal occasionally. It is hard to put down. Mr Grady's use of language remains taught and the descriptions vivid. I am holding my breath waiting for the 4th book.

This book provides a fantastic bridge between the historical time period and the occult. Throughout I was intrigued by what would happen next, whether it be fantastic point of view battles, or the advance of some dark spirit. The author obviously has done an immense amount of research when telling his tale, writing into his story REAL characters from history, with a twist. Whatever your fancy, this book provides a compelling story that should keep even the most timid reader awake into the wee hours of the night.

Another home run by Quentin Grady. When I downloaded it, I thought "Great, it has a lot of pages and will take a while to read it - NOT! Now, I must wait for the 4th volume. Excellent continuing story - love how the author weaves in all of the various plots.

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