About Ghost Eagle Publishing

Ghost Eagle Publishing is an independent self-publishing company that offers consulting services to new authors seeking assistance in navigating the options towards getting a book published in today’s exciting print-on-demand industry. Specializing in fiction, historical or general, we accept queries or proposals to provide a publishing strategy tailored to fit the book’s level of completion and the author’s need for help. A step-by-step process is constructed in conjunction with a desired publishing date. The objective is to bring focus on the tasks to perform to prepare a work “ready to publish” and provide recommendations and guidance in reaching the intermediate goals.

If you are confident with you current plan to publish, we can also help you in obtaining specialized services for specific areas. For example:

  • Narrative and Plot evaluations
  • Editing Services; all the various types
  • Custom Illustration
  • Cover Theme and Design
  • Interior Design
  • Printing Alternatives
  • Web-site Objectives, Designs, and Implementation

One-on-one author consultation is available. If your proposal or query is accepted, the initial one hour meeting is free. After that fees may apply depending on the type and level of support being requested.

The opportunity to independently publish your book can be very compelling for those people who have a passion for crafting stories and do not want to negotiate with traditional publishers. The improving industry capabilities allows a motivated author to pursue several options towards seeing their work in print. But the decisions you must make and the complexities are the same whether you do it yourself or permit a professional to do it for you.

Seeing your book published is extremely rewarding, but the path to get there is loaded with numerous hurdles; some are minor bumps in the road, others will take a ladder to get over. There are several thick books published on this.

But as you begin, it is always helpful ask yourself the more important personal questions --- What is your goal for all your effort? What is the purpose? How will you measure your success?

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